The platinum plated sky winked seductively over the campsite. Orange sparks leapt up to reach the stars, creating a meeting place of serenity. There is nothing quite so captivating as the South African night-sky above a bush retreat on a dark night. We sat there – the six of us, in comfortable camp chairs around […]

Creating fine metal masterpieces

Move over, Midas. South Africa’s largest privately owned gold refinery is giving gold bullion a facelift. Humankind has always had a strange relationship with gold. Our arcane obsession with “all that glitters” is certainly informed by lucid, capital-driven preoccupations, but it is also somehow visceral; the enduring legacy of a primal instinct. Natanya Van Niekerk, […]

Cowries, Gold and Bitcoin

Hindsight has both benefits and drawbacks. If only we had invested a couple of Millions in gold in the third week of March and sold it in the second week of April, we could have turned a cool quarter Million in profit! If only … such is the plight of speculation – simply getting the […]

Gold, Politics and Neuroscience

“If I know exactly what I’m going to do, what’s the good in doing it?” Pablo Picasso   Shall I invest in gold now … or should I wait? Who should I vote for … should we get married?  Decisions and choices besiege us daily.  Most are inconsequential and have short-term impact – like what […]

Silver – The Cinderella of Investment

An increasing number of analysts claim that silver is undervalued and they are bullish when speaking about silver’s potential gains over the next few years. Six interesting influences that underpin the future status of silver are not commonly known…

Annual Shut Down

The management and staff of MetCon would like to thank our loyal clients for their support in the 2016 year. We look forward to being of great service in the 2017 year once again. To re-charge our batteries, we will be closing for our annual holiday over the Festive Season from the 23rd December 2016 […]

Jewellex Africa 2016

The roof far above the grand exhibition hall at Gallagher Estate was too high to reflect the glitter from the spectacular array of diamonds, jewellery and watches that shone from a multitude of stands at Jewellex Africa 2016. Resembling an international event, the entire atmosphere radiated a professional aura that would have stood equally proud […]

Reflection on Wealth and Power

Gold was used as an element of beauty and value four thousand years ago – and today, the precious metal is still treasured as a commodity of enduring significance. Tutankhamen’s burial chamber revealed many secrets but what the world remembers most is the hoard of treasure that it contained, including the ornate golden death mask […]

Going for Gold

The Olympic games have started in Rio with a blaze of green and the one element foremost in the minds of competitors and spectators alike is gold. The first recorded evidence of Olympic games shows that an event was held in Olympia Greece in 776BCE. The only event was the men’s 200m sprint. The first […]

Can Donald’s shine trump gold?

Global events over the last few months have demonstrated that gold remains a safe haven in times of uncertainty. From the impact of Brexit, followed by terrorist atrocities in France, right through to the attempted military coup in Turkey, the world is experiencing turmoil. And during times of uncertainty and turmoil, the price of gold […]

Reasons to invest in Minted bars

An interesting article posted on the NBC News website regarding forgery in the coin market. Have a read at the article and consider what our Minted bars have on offer. With our tamper resistant packaging, unique engraved serial number & the certificate of authenticity we have the knowledge that your MetCon minted product is genuine. […]

Holiday Season Closing Times

Metal Concentrators SA (Pty) Ltd will be closed for trading from 18th December 2015 & re-open on the 06th January 2016. All orders placed over this time period will only be processed when trading re-opens on the 06th January 2016. Orders placed on the 17th & 18th December will only be dispatched in the New year once we re-open.

Informal Gold Mining Issues Highlighted at Dubai Precious Metals Conference SA Gold Expert: Bring Informal Miners into the Mainstream Supply Chain

More effort should go towards helping African informal gold miners formalize their activities and become part of the mainstream gold supply chain. This is in the best interest of all parties involved, argued South African gold expert Bernard Stern in his address during the recent Dubai Precious Metals Conference, which was themed “Engaging with Africa.”

Power Crisis Negatively Affecting Metal Extracting Sector

Load shedding and the impact of the ongoing power crisis on South Africa’s mining and metal extracting sectors featured high on the agenda during the 2015 Africa Mining Indaba. Industry leaders, including periphery players such as metal refiners, are worried and are hoping for a sustainable solution. As South Africans were subjected to another week […]

South Africans Advised to Invest in Gold

As the world’s major economies are well on their way to recovery from the global economic crisis, the international gold price has started to come down. Aided by a stronger dollar versus a weakened rand, this poses an interesting opportunity for South Africans who seek to invest, experts say.

Year-end Shut-down dates

Metal Concentrates SA (Pty) Ltd, will be closing for the Festive Season from the 19th December 2014 till 07th January 2015. All orders placed on our website during this shut down period will not be processed until we re-open in the New Year. We wish all our clients a wonderful Festive Season & thank you all for your Loyal support

Bulls Shouldn’t be worried.

Gold and silver edged higher over the past two sessions after falling to seven-month and one-year lows, respectively, at the end of last week. Bearish sentiment within the precious metals complex is growing ahead of Wednesday’s policy decision from the Federal Reserve.

Gold price at two week highs

Gold business continued to show strength during Wednesday morning sessions, building on the previous day’s gains, to hit a fresh two-week high.