Money Cowries

Money Cowries – The Original Currency

The first use of cowries as a medium of exchange dates back to 1200 BC. The shell most widely used as currency was the shell of Cypraea moneta, the Money Cowry. Historically, cowries have been used as money on almost every continent, even as recently as the middle of this century.

The Money Cowry is the most widely and longest used currency in history. All characteristics of money, i.e. durability, beauty and convenience, recognisability and divisibility are embodied in these small shells.

The return of the Money Cowries in precious metal evolves the concept of the original currency and mankind’s historical fascination with Gold, Silver and Platinum to the modern world’s attachment to commodity value, to create a global vehicle of wealth – the ultimate International currency. The Evolution of African Wealth.

Gold 999.9 Au 40g
Gold 999.9 Au 20g
Gold 999.9 Au 10g
Silver 99.9 Ag 20g
Silver 99.9 Ag 10g