Nguni Gold

Nguni Gold – African Legacy of Love and Respect

Within the African tradition of love and respect the practice of Lobola is part of African culture. It is a traditional custom practiced by most Southern African tribes. Simply put, it is a dowry paid to a woman’s family by her future husband before he is allowed to marry her. Lobola is a symbol of Love.

“Cows have such a high value and important meaning in my culture, they are respected more than money.” Says Lungisa Kala, the 35-year-old Eastern Cape based artist behind the creation of the Nguni Gold cows.

Metal Concentrators presents their premier Heritage Collection: Nguni Gold Limited Edition sculptures, cast in gold and silver.

* Limited edition – Only 300 Gold & 500 Silver will be produced.

For more information on Nguni Gold & Nguni Gold Silver edition, contact Melynda on + 27 21 510-0770

Available in:

Gold 999.9 Au Bull /300
Gold 999.9 Au Cow /300
Silver 99.9 Ag Bull /500
Silver 99.9 Ag Cow /500